About The Game

The alien invasion came without warning or mercy… Earth fell, and now only a handful of souls survived...
You control Will, a resourceful survivor living in a world full of danger. How long he lives is in your hands... until you stop playing... Then who knows what can happen while you're away?

An absorbing single player RPG featuring real-time perpetual survival combined with the strategy of tower defence, Will to Survive is built for desktop, mobile and tablet gaming. Assist Will in scavenging for supplies, defending the safe house from attack, and more. Fight to survive for as long as you both possibly can.

  • 24/7 Real Time Survival
    There is no escape! No pausing - even while you are away the struggle continues! Will to Survive simulates events while you are away, to keep you on your toes. So make sure you have enough supplies to last or you may well return to find your Will has been destroyed.
  • Permadeath
    Dying means starting again from the beginning. Remember to keep those food and water levels topped up and try not to pick a fight that you have no chance of winning. Of course, sometimes the fight comes to you, so be careful and - above all - be prepared...
  • Cloud Synced Saving
    Synchronise and play your save file on any available device.
    Check on the condition of your Will any time of day! Even while on the move.
  • Scavenge
    Survive by searching the city ruins for food, water and other supplies.
  • Defend
    Build barricades, place defences and set traps to protect yourself from alien patrols.
    If all else fails, make sure you have enough guns and ammunition to fight for your life!
  • Fight Or Flee
    Attack aliens head on or use distraction methods to evade them and avoid confrontation.
  • Interact
    Trade with other survivors, complete missions and solve puzzles to help you stay alive longer.
  • Unlockable Perks & Bonuses
    Increase your chances of survival by completing challenges, gaining experience and unlocking perks. Unlock starting perks as you progress, to make starting from scratch that little bit easier to face.
Scavenge, Defend, Fight... How Long Can Your Will Survive?